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This song needs more love. This band needs more love.

My mind is in a jumble of nostalgia, Gravitation, and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and it’s soundtrack. Someone help me.

I just can’t get enough of Shuichi and Yuki. It’s been years since I first read it. 2005. So nine years, almost a decade. Can I just say wow. It will always amaze me that no matter how many times I read it and no matter how many years pass, I’ll always love Gravitation. There’s something so…lovable about the pair. Shuichi is a bit eccentric and will always make you laugh but the fact that despite all the comedic qualities of the series…Maki Murakami manages to throw in amazing character development.

Shuichi goes from a childish, Nittle Grasper obsessed teenager to someone who aspires to be better than them in music. To someone who wants nothing more than to sing for the rest of his life while coming to terms with the fact that he’s no longer just a fan. He’s competition for Nittle Grasper and a fan rolled into one.
And Yuki…he goes from a cold hearted bastard to someone who finally comes to terms with his past all while learning what it means to love someone and be loved. Although the romance is a bit…odd compared to other people.

But it works. It works for them and they learn how to deal with it. I can never ever express just how much I love these two and will always love them. They’re the pair that reminded me that not all relationships are always cheerful and happy, that there will be bumps along the way but if you really and truly love someone…you figure it how to deal with it. You work it out.

I would love to see more from Gravitation Ex, I want to know more about the development of their relationship. And I think the most frustrating part of it all is that the younger generation getting into yaoi and shounen ai at the moment might not ever know about the series with so many newer, easier to find series. I was lucky when I got my copies of the manga. I caught it just in time before Tokyopop went out of business. And it makes me sad to know that unless it’s shown to them by friends, the newer fans will go without knowing about such a wonderful and heart gripping pair. There’s no other way for me to describe it.

And I can’t even begin on the injustice of the anime to the manga. It censors it, cuts out some of the best pieces, and just…doesn’t make as gripping of a story as the manga. I wish they would remake it because the most important arc to me, the beginning of Eiri realizing how much he really loves Shuichi and that he needs him, was completely taken out. Volume 9 if anyone wants to read the manga.

These two just can’t be ignored.


“And every last inch of me is covered in HAIR.”

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Updated pre-ordered games list:


  • Pikmin 3 WiiU 08/04/13
  • Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition(Limited edition packaging, game, artbook, soundtrack + figure) PS3 08/06/13
  • Diablo III(Preorder incentive: Infernal Helm + Poster) PS3 09/03/13
  • Rayman Legends WiiU 09/03/13
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix HD(Preorder incentive: limited edition artbook) PS3 09/10/13(I think)
  • Pokemon X 3DS 10/12/13


  • Diablo III(Preorder incentive: Infernal Helm + Poster) PS3 09/03/13
  • Beyond Two Souls Special Edition PS3 10/08/13
  • Pokemon Y 3DS 10/12/13
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Xbox 360 10/25/13
  • Batman: Arkham Origins 3DS 10/25/13


I go through these phases where I keep looking at Ikea furniture and wishing I could get it. Like…I would love a new bed frame because mine is old as heck and no longer stays in place so my mattress falls through all the time. I also like several lounge chairs and lamps and such. I can only hope to have it one day.

I guess you could consider these part of my ideal bedroom and living room.

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Confession: I have this strange need to collect special editions of things, even when they’re expensive. Why can’t I afford them allll?

Games my roommate and I have preordered:


  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 3DS 05/24/13
  • Pikmin 3 WiiU 08/04/13
  • Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition(Limited edition packaging, game, artbook, soundtrack + figure) PS3 08/06/13
  • Rayman Legends WiiU 09/01/13
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix HD(Preorder incentive: limited edition artbook) PS3 09/10/13(I think)
  • Pokemon X 3DS 10/31/13
  • Diablo III(Preorder incentive: Infernal Helm + Poster) PS3 No date


  • Beyond Two Souls Special Edition PS3 10/08/13
  • Pokemon Y 3DS 10/31/13
  • Diablo III(Preorder incentive: Infernal Helm + Poster) PS3 No date

Really excited about everything! But a lot of mine come out so close together. At least KH comes out a little before my birthday! :D

Pictures from May the fourth!

All I did was color and then everyone else played Star Wars Kinect.




I am seriously outraged right now. I went into school today and was sent to the principal’s office not even 5 minutes inside the building. I was asked if I had any other clothes with me to which I responded I did not and was told I would NOT be sent to my classes if I didn’t call someone to come bring me clothes. 

I refused.

I told her that my mother is the only one who lives with me and that she was at work and could not come bring me clothes.

To which she responded

“Well I’m not sending you to your classes like that, you can come into my office and do some work but unless we get a parental figure to come bring you clothes you will not be going to class, it’s too much of a distraction and offensive to your fellow students.”

excuse me but what is so offensive about my shorts. I have worn this outfit numerous times during the school year, and only now that it has started to get nice outside have they been stricter on what the girls in this high school wear.


The office called my mom and told her that “my way of dressing could be offensive or distracting to the students and most importantly, the teachers.” 

I’m a junior in high school, but just because i’m a junior does NOT MEAN I WILL STAND FOR YOUR BULLSHIT SLUT-SHAMING AND SEXIST DRESS CODE.

Instead of telling the girls to feel victimized and shamed for what they wear, like tell your shitty staff to stop being such perverts and to look away and seriously, if they have such issues with my clothing that they can’t help themselves then why are you allowed to be a teacher in the first place.

My body is not something to be ashamed of, and I will not “change” to fit into your shit society of misogynistic ideals.

I will. wear. what. I choose.

here’s what I think about your shit dress code:

if the length of your shorts are a distraction to teachers they should get some fucking help because you’re a teenager.

What the fuck is wrong with shorts? Legs are so overly sexualized that CHILDREN CANT WEAR SHORTS. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD.

A few of my friends have been sent to the office because of what they are wearing, yet other students, the more popular, walk in with even more skin showing and they don’t get called out. I think its pathetic, because THEY ARE FUCKING SHORTS. Some girls are wearing dresses and you can see their fucking snatch, whereas others are wearing shorts and they are revealing legs. LEGS. EVERYONE HAS A PAIR. DOES IT MATTER HOW MUCH SHOW. THEY ARE LEGS

I remember when I first started wearing skirts to school. I’ve always, always worn bicycle shorts underneath them just because my butt makes them shorter in the back. I only had a few skirts at the time so I would wear the ones I had over and over again and no one ever said anything. Until randomly this one woman came out from the office and sent me to the vice principal who, when I spoke with her said it was just fine with my bicycle shorts underneath.

A few days later, maybe a week or two(it’s been so long), the same woman came out and sent me to the office again and this time, the vice principal told me it wasn’t okay, even with the bicycle shorts so she had me call my mom to bring me some jeans.

She came up to the office with my jeans but stayed because she wanted to talk with the vice principal. While we were waiting to be able to talk with her, four boys came in with pants down to their knees, and three girls(two of them cheerleaders) came in with shorts that were literally showing the bottom of their butt cheeks and no one said a single thing to them, including the woman who had sent me to the office in the first place. My mom was furious about it and ended up yelling at the principle for the discrimination against me because I dressed differently than most of the girls in our school.

The vice principal ended up allowing me to wear my skirt the rest of the day and apologizing for everything. Still, it bothered me that no one else was called out on it because they were either popular, dressed ‘girly’, or dressed what was ‘normal’ for everyone. And the woman who kept calling me out never apologized.

To me, I feel like she was calling me out because she didn’t think I looked as pleasing to the eye as the skinnier girls did. So I think there are more factors to this issue. I think the girl pictured above is beautiful but most people in my old high school would see her as different and would call her out. Anything from their ‘norm’ is a no no to them no matter what other concerns there are.

I might be a bit off topic here but that’s just how I see it. It’s kind of a topic that’s bothered me from my sophomore year of high school to now(my junior year of college).

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Ferret love post. <3 Jimmi Arthur and Merlin. <3

Cat love post. <3 Ferrets are coming up soon. C:

I’ve been listening to old cds from when I was younger lately. Like Fall Out Boy’s From Under the Cork Tree and Hoobastank’s The Reason. I’m about to start listening to the All American Rejects’ Move Along. I don’t know why I’ve been in such a mood for it lately but I’m enjoying it. C:

Gosh Dangit!

I hate when you buy lunch and then after four or five bites you spill it all over the floor. :C

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